Just a little introduction


Merry Christmas Eve.  

I thought today a good day to start my new blog.  Although I am still learning how to blog I thought I would just start off by introducing myself.  

My name is Victoria and I am a 47 (48 in January) wife, mother of 2, empty nester, and furmom to 2.  I have been married to Jeffrey for 25 years (26 in Feb, yes Valentine’s Day).  My 2 children are boys; David, 25 and Brett 23.  I have a Black Lab mix, Kimbo (8) and a newly rescued (Oct 1) mutt(?) Trebor.  I am not sure of his age but was told he was 5.  

I have decided to start this blog to help me keep accountable in my workouts, my nutrition, my family affairs, my travels, etc.  I feel if I share my health and fitness journey I keep more accountable.  Like I HAVE to as to not let down my followers, and myself.

I will share my family, my thoughts, my travels, my fun, etc.  I like to walk, hike, travel and fish.  I am not one to sit on a beach and relax.  I am more happier with a pole in my hand and a line in the water.  All my family loves to fish.  As for travel I like to go to different states just to see. Or even just different parts of my state, Florida, to look around.  Have a day out. 

I hope you enjoy my blog and bear with me as I grow, slowly, and as I learn.  With the holidays here and lots of family and surprises I will try and share daily, no promises.  But I do need to get in the habit of it.  What is the saying?  It takes 21 days to form a habit.  So please give me at least 30 🙂 hahaha 

Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMA