Day 2

Good morning

Good morning

It seems to be a windy morning out there today. Trees rustling, wind howling. Hope it’s cool out. Haven’t been out there yet.

Today is Day 2 of #LiveYourBestLife and I will do just that.

I will do my workout and then go to the gym or maybe even go to the zoo. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the zoo.

(Just had a little heart attack thinking I lost my ticket but remembered where it is)

I know it is spring break and I used the LIVE for spring break now I can’t wait for everyone to leave. Hahaha. Time to go people. Hate crowds. 😐

I am going to start my day, I’m running late.

Have a Terrific Tuesday 😁


Living My Best Life

It’s the first day of #ChallengeTo40. I am up and ready for the lessons. I am ready to break down these walls of my box 📦 and #LiveMyBestLife.

I am ready to be uncomfortable. 😰

I am ready for ShaunT to show me the way. 😀


I know,there is a workout 🏋🏼‍♀️ involved with this but I am more anxious about moving. I don’t like change and I do not like to be uncomfortable. I like my box. It is comfy and cozy.


I started this when I attended ShaunT Transforms America in Orlando, when I went by myself. Talking about being uncomfortable 😣 W H O A. I had to talk to people I don’t know, I had to trust someone I have never met. Talk about digging deep.


I’m ready Shaun. I am ready for this journey and I look forward to this.


Off to do the Fit Test.