2 More Days ….

until 2018.

Do you have plans?  What are you doing to ring in the New Year?

We were planning on staying in Mel Beach until the first of the year but after speaking with Child #1 we have decided to go home tomorrow.  He was under the impression we were leaving tomorrow and he was planning on having some friends over for the new year.  We told him we were staying and he said that was fine and that he would find somewhere to go.

Yeah …. no …. we’re good.

I would much rather him stay home and celebrate ringing in the New Year home than have him out on the road afterwards, on the way home.

This is actually a blessing in disguise for me 😀  I was planning on starting all my fitness, nutrition, and goals Monday and it would have been …. eh.  After a 3 hour drive home and more than likely later in the afternoon or early evening.  There is no way I was going to want to do anything when I got home.  Get home, bring in the dogs, get my stuff (granted not a lot as we don’t have suitcases) and sit my butt on the couch.

Now I can get home tomorrow early evening and not have to worry about anything.  Well I will get my stuff ready for Monday.

Day 1 / 365

Week 1 / 52

I can do this.  I got this.

:: What You Think About You Bring About ::



Ok I had a great blog idea …… about 4 hours ago.

I knew I should have written it down or made a voice memo because now I am clueless.  No idea what I wanted to talk about.  I HATE it when I do this.  And I do it a lot.

I know I was at my dad’s.  I THINK we were out to lunch.


This may be a really short …. never mind.  Found something to post abut 😀

I signed up for a Test Group for a workout.  The workout is 80 days.  Like …. Y I K E S!!  I have done a 2 month program but not a 3.  This is going to be hard.  I have been doing really well with my nutrition though so that part shouldn’t be too difficult.

The eating is all timed out.  A daily schedule of when and what to eat.  This is great for me.  I alway wind up eating the same thing and my food schedule is never on point.  The only thing I MAY have issues with is eating before a workout.  I normally do not.  I get up, have my coffee, drink my water, have my pre workout then go workout.  I hope I don’t get sick.

The workout are 6 days a week.  We get a day of rest during this one.  YAY!  These are going to be hard.  I haven’t worked out …. in like …… Oh My forever.  I can’t even imagine how i am going to feel.

This all starts on January 15th but I will start another program to prep for this.  I am going to be SO SORE!!!!

Personal Development

I have never really “believed” in personal development.  Actually I really didn’t know what it was.  How it worked.  What was considered to be personal development.  I had always thought that they were all motivational speakers.  And honestly they were talking out their asses.  

Since I have learned about it more recently and have decided to be more open minded I thought I shall give this a try. I was told they are not all motivational speakers.  They are not all gospel speakers.  They are not all the same.  I didn’t know there was personal development for business.  I had NO CLUE really.

I am going to give this a try.  I have started with some Darren Hardy.  He is the author of The Compound Effect.  I have tried to read that book but to no avail.  I just can’t get through it.  I understand the concept I just can’t read the book, or listen to the book.  So I have opted to try his Darren Daily videos.  Daily Mentoring with Darren Hardy/  They are actually really good.  Some really good content.  They are little 5 minute videos.  

I have started to listen on a daily basis.  The emails arrive at like 3am so when I get up they are in my inbox waiting for me.  I wake up, get my coffee and check my mail for my video.  Great way to start the day don’t you think.  

Well off to watch another video.  Enjoy your day 


This is OUR year

Good afternoon
Good afternoon
Good afternoon

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas and spent it with family and friends.

Now we we look forward to New Year.

New Year
New Beginnings
New Plans
New Goals
New Friends
New Accomplishments
New Adventures

I could go on and on. But you get the jist.

It is a time to start fresh and change what you wanted to change last year but never did. Add what you wanted to add. Start new routines.

I plan on doing ALL this. I will take it slow and log everything I do. Everything I accomplish. Everything I eat. All my workouts. All my business ventures, ideas.


This is OUR year. We can all do it. Join me and we can do this together.

Post Christmas Hangover


Post Christmas hangover.

Loooong day yesterday. Great day but long.

Great surprises, great presents, great supper.

Child #2 came down from GA and surprised EVE RY ONE. His grandparents, his brother, his uncle and cousin. I was the only one who knew he was coming 😁😁 Sneaky Sneaky Me.

He started his FL visit on the East coast Wednesday and came over here to the West coast yesterday. It was great to have the boys here for Christmas Day. I realized, when I woke yesterday, I didn’t really like waking to an empty house on Christmas. 😭 I mean I’ve done it before but the boys were close by, like minutes away, not hours. I guess this is something I am now going to have to get used to.

Well on to today. Child #2 like Bob Evans restaurants so we will go and have some breakfast 🍳 🥞 then brave the mall to get him his new shoes. Only because the shoes (Vibram Five Fingers) he wants I didn’t want to buy without him trying them on. His size 10.5 foot and the sizes being in Britis.

So off to breakfast we go.


Just a little introduction

Merry Christmas Eve.  

I thought today a good day to start my new blog.  Although I am still learning how to blog I thought I would just start off by introducing myself.  

My name is Victoria and I am a 47 (48 in January) wife, mother of 2, empty nester, and furmom to 2.  I have been married to Jeffrey for 25 years (26 in Feb, yes Valentine’s Day).  My 2 children are boys; David, 25 and Brett 23.  I have a Black Lab mix, Kimbo (8) and a newly rescued (Oct 1) mutt(?) Trebor.  I am not sure of his age but was told he was 5.  

I have decided to start this blog to help me keep accountable in my workouts, my nutrition, my family affairs, my travels, etc.  I feel if I share my health and fitness journey I keep more accountable.  Like I HAVE to as to not let down my followers, and myself.

I will share my family, my thoughts, my travels, my fun, etc.  I like to walk, hike, travel and fish.  I am not one to sit on a beach and relax.  I am more happier with a pole in my hand and a line in the water.  All my family loves to fish.  As for travel I like to go to different states just to see. Or even just different parts of my state, Florida, to look around.  Have a day out. 

I hope you enjoy my blog and bear with me as I grow, slowly, and as I learn.  With the holidays here and lots of family and surprises I will try and share daily, no promises.  But I do need to get in the habit of it.  What is the saying?  It takes 21 days to form a habit.  So please give me at least 30 🙂 hahaha 

Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMA