Lazy Lazy Lazy

Lazy days.

Everyone needs them.

I have had 2.

It’s been great.  Hubs has been out of town.  Mom went home.  Two lazy days.  Did nothing but binge …. on Amazon Prime.  I re-watching Suits  ( IMDb Suits )  with Gabriel Macht and Patrick J Adams.  I LOVED this show but then stopped watching TV altogether.


Today would have been a workout day.  I logged online to see what workout it was and realized it is a rest day.  Oops.  I’ve already had 2 of those so I will do some cardio.  I am on week 3 of Body Beast. ( Body Beast) I am thinking of throwing some ShaunT into the mix.  *He scares me*  I don’t normally start programs on a Thursday but I think I will just pick on and do that one then START the program Monday.  90 Days.  eek  I am going to start Focus T25 ( Focus T25  )  ShaunT does like to jump.  I will have to modify because of my knees.

Well I am off to do some cardio before the surround sound guys show up .




Getting up at 4a

is starting to take a toll.  I am getting tired around 2p.  I literally try and keep my eyes open but does not work.  I crash on the couch for at least an hour.

I get up at 4a to workout around 430 – 5a.  I love doing it in the morning when it is nice a quiet.  No one to talk.  No television.  No noise.  Just me and my workout.  My focus

It also gets me going for the day.  I feel so awake, motivated.  If I am out and about I get a lot done.  I can get a lot done in the office.  I can run my errands.  I can read my Personal Development.  (Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy).  I am done with everything by at least 330p and have the rest of the day for me.

Swim.  Play with the dog.  Work outside.  Just sit on the lanai an relax.  It’s a wonderful thing.  This week Mom is here so it’s even better.  More time withMom.  Yes, Yes, Yes, we just spent a week in MN but I have just recently moved and she hasn’t seen the new house yet.

We relocated from GA to FL.  I am now only about 3.5 hours from her …. and my oldest son (youngest still in GA) & my brother and his family.  Hubs’ family lives here too.  We are now taking bets as to when Child #2 will move to FL 🙂

Well off to do my workout.  Love spending quality time with Sagi.  Cardio and Abs today.  Thank goodness for Energize 🙂

See told you ….

I do really well then I stop.  

It takes 21 days to form a habit.  

How many days did I get to?  Not a whole hellava lot, that’s for damn sure.  

I haven’t even been busy. Well yesterday I was but seriously.  I’ll sit here and say to myself “Oh I haven’t posted yet.  I gotta do that”. Then 5 minutes becomes 15 and 15 becomes 45 and 45 becomes 2 hours and so on.  

I do this all the time.  When I say I’m gotta do something I should just drop everything and do it.  Or obviously it won’t get done.  Or maybe I should schedule my posts.  At least that way they will get posted. I mean I will be bwriting them just not right there in the moment.  

Now I know a lot, if not most of you, do this for business. How did you get in the habit of posting and how often do you post?  I’d like to hear from you

I hope I get to hear from some of you. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂 

Late morning

Good morning lovelies.  😀

Well I am running a tad late this morning.  My alarms didn’t go on.  Good thing I woke up at 440a.  I normally get up at 4a – 410a.  I’m not sure why not.  It’s not like I slept through them,  I checked after I had gotten up and they were still checked to go on.  (I use an Apple watch)  Guess I have to use my Fitbit as backup. -__-  This is not the first time this has happened either.

Anyway.  I am not nearly as sore as I thought I would be but it may get worse as the day goes on.  If I keep moving maybe it won’t get that bad.  DOMS sucks.  (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)  Vinegar, Protein, amino acid, phytonutrients … one would think I wouldn’t be as sore.  I must be doing something right 🙂

I am now siting here waiting to do back & bi’s.  The workout is about an hour.  I better get to it.  Good thing I can do this at home.  I also started going to the gym again.

I have work training to do this morning as well.  Training videos, notes, learning, etc ….


I better get motivated or nothing with get done.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day 

Day 3 with Mom :D

Hello everyone. Hope everyone had a great day.

We kept busy today but feel like we didn’t do too much. We went to Minnesota History Museum and then on to Mall of America.

Yeah, not too impressed with the mall. Hubby was so excited I was going and I think he was let down that I was more excited about it. LOL

It is a HUGE mall but it is a mall. Yes they do have rides in the mall and that is cool but I guess I am just past that. I was a little excited about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and SpongeBob and Legos.

We really didn’t do too much today.

Oh yeah and we drove down to the river and walked around a bit. I did get a lot of steps in. YAY!

I am going to load an album now. Let’s see how many I can get done before I fall asleep.


Do you try and take yearly vacations with your mom or dad?


Travels of day 2

WOW What a day!!  Busy, busy, busy, busy

Another great day spent with mom.  We walked and walked and walked.

We started off with a delicious breakfast of french toast with fruit and bacon.  Fresh squeeze orange juice, coffee.  Very very good.

We left The New Victorian Mansion Bed & Breakfast around 1030a.  We headed to The Cathedral of St. Paul.  MASSIVE Catholic cathedral.  Gorgeous stained glass.  Paintings.  Peaceful.  Quiet.  Reflective.  Not being religious it makes you think.  I spent almost 2 hours in there taking photos, looking around, reading about the cathedral.  *side note we were just at a tour of Jame Hill house and were told the Archdiocese just filed for bankruptcy*

From the Cathedral we headed to the James Hill’s mansion.  We watch a short 10 minute video and learned about him, his wife and their 10 children; 7 girls and 3 boys.  One baby girl died in infancy.  We looked at three rooms then signed up for a tour later in the evening.  Off to the capitol building.  This is THE FIRST capitol building I have ever been in.  It was very cool.  Say the Senate, Congress and Supreme Court.  The marble was crazy.  It is from all over the world.  And again a lot of photos.

Downtown St. Paul is nothing what I was expecting.  There is nothing but businesses.  We were looking for someplace to eat and it seriously took forever.  Like, where do the business people eat?  In their cafeterias??  We finally found a bar and stopped in there on our way to Union Depot.  The Bulldog Lowerton.  Hole-in-the-wall bar.  Good food and GREAT tater tots.

After lunch we made it to Union Depot.  Train, bus station.  There was NO BODY there.  Completely empty at 330p.  Very creepy and very strange.  I was expecting something along the lines of Grand Central but NOTHING, NADA, NO ONE.  VERY.  CREEPY.

We walked all the way back to the B&B.  Rested for a little bit then headed back to James Hill’s mansion for the behind the scenes tour.  The Nooks & Crannies tour.  This mansion though.  W H O A!!  We saw a lot.  The kitchen, the servants quarters, the bedrooms, the dining room(s), hidden passages, 22 fireplaces, and a bunch of other rooms.  There were SO MANY storage places.

Such a busy walking day and a fun day.
Looking forward to tomorrow.


Mom / Daughter Yearly Trip

Trip Day 1 – Orlando, FL to Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN

We left Orlando at 12 noon and got to MN around 230p.  It was raining when we arrived. Gray and dreary.  We had just left that in FL.  We were wondering if we had even left FL. hahahaha  We then got our rental car and headed to Walmart to pick up some provisions;  Snacks, drinks, rain coat, etc …  Always a fun trip to Walmart.

Since it was nasty rainy we called to see if we could check into our residence early.  We were planning on walking around town but since it was raining, plans changed.  We checked into our Bed & Breakfast.  GORGEOUS mansion.  Wonderful entrance.  Great deck.  Large rooms.  Just lovely all around.  Tomorrow – Breakfast.  Looking forward to that.  The New Victorian Mansion Bed & Breakfast.


We unpacked and hung around the room for a little while.  We looked at magazines to see what is around.  See places to go and things to do.  While looking around we found a Russian restaurant around the corner.  Time for supper.

We walked to the restaurant, Moscow on the Hill.  A Restaurant / Vodka Bar.  We ordered Beef Stroganoff and Czar Medallions (Pork).  OH.  MY.  GOSH!!!  The serving was enough for 2.  Needless to say we have left overs.  🙂

As I sit here typing this it is 904pm.  It is still very light outside.  Strange for me as I have never really stayed over in this part of the States before.  Down in FL is it now dark.  I have the drapes drawn and the shades down and it is still light in there.  Very strange.

As today comes to a close we have had a good travel day.  😀  Now off to bed to sleep and get ready for a day of adventure

across the street from TNVMBB