Post Christmas Hangover


Post Christmas hangover.

Loooong day yesterday. Great day but long.

Great surprises, great presents, great supper.

Child #2 came down from GA and surprised EVE RY ONE. His grandparents, his brother, his uncle and cousin. I was the only one who knew he was coming 😁😁 Sneaky Sneaky Me.

He started his FL visit on the East coast Wednesday and came over here to the West coast yesterday. It was great to have the boys here for Christmas Day. I realized, when I woke yesterday, I didn’t really like waking to an empty house on Christmas. 😭 I mean I’ve done it before but the boys were close by, like minutes away, not hours. I guess this is something I am now going to have to get used to.

Well on to today. Child #2 like Bob Evans restaurants so we will go and have some breakfast 🍳 🥞 then brave the mall to get him his new shoes. Only because the shoes (Vibram Five Fingers) he wants I didn’t want to buy without him trying them on. His size 10.5 foot and the sizes being in Britis.

So off to breakfast we go.