Gym Time

I made it to the gym.  Actually 2 of them.  I went to The Purple Place (Planet Fitness) and to LA Fitness.  Yes I have a membership at both.  I go to LA to keep accountable for my trainings, which I re-start Thursday, and The Purple Place because I love their 30 minute circuit.  I haven’t met their trainer yet so we shall see about that.  They do have some good 30 minute training sessions.  Oh and their Total Body Enhancement machine,

So today was a very busy day.  I did a workout at home, then went to the Purple Place then drove 30 minutes to find the new LA Fitness.  Hey if I like a trainer I will drive an hour if I have to.  I left the house at 930ish and got home about 215p?  I also stopped at First Watch for some lunch.  Oh and a good lunch it was YUM

I had all intentions of coming home and getting right to work but I made that HUGE mistake of sitting my ass on the couch.  Never got up.  I binge watched Chicago PD.  I am on S3 Ep6.  I am recording all the episodes that are on Oxygen.

I have come to the conclusion it is rather difficult to watch this show without watching Chicago Fire.  With the cross overs and stories some episodes I am a tad confused and not to mention there are some spoilers in PD that I did not know about in Fire 😦  UGH  Now I am going to have to watch Fire.  Or well catch up anyway.  I am about 2 or 3 seasons behind.

This is going to be a quick post because I have a call in about 5 minutes. So I guess I better get going.

Off to meet the wizard.

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